Albany Edit & Video Transfers Picture to Video Conversion Instructions

First you must determine the type of Picture to Video Conversion you want.

1) Pictures timed to music all the pictures are broken into groups and each group
must start and end with a specific song and the pictures are timed to that song.

2) Music timed to pictures each photo is up for 7 to 8 seconds and the music starts on the first picture, but fades out on the last picture or is not specifically timed to the pictures.

Both types have a similar process for organization.

1) You may use any size picture.

2) Sort out the pictures and music you will use for your project.

3) Place the pictures in order and number them if you wish.

(*Certain pens and markers will rub off on the picture behind it.)

4) If you would like a title(s) in your project write them on a piece of note paper
and put them into your project where you want them to occur.

5) Break the pictures into groups that go with specific songs and place them in envelopes or folders

6) On the envelope or folder write the group # and song title that goes with that group.

7) Please provide the music on CD or Tape and any other information you feel we will need to complete your project and attach it to your project.

Special Considerations

1) If you only want specific people, places or objects in your picture.
Indicate them with a sticky note on that specific picture.
Otherwise we generally focus on the faces of the individuals.

2) Television is wider than it is tall so some pictures may be cropped
and some may have black or white borders along the sides or top of a picture.
We use our experienced judgment in these cases.

3) You can use more than one picture on the screen (montage), but we count each individual picture
and the images generally become harder to see.

4) If you want or need to get more complex than what is outlined here,
then your project may need to be edited by a technician.
We will inform you of this when you bring in your project if it is required.

Helpful Hint: There are 60 seconds in a minute.

If timed to the song. Figure the number of seconds in a song and divide by the number of pictures you have to see how long each picture will be up.

If timed to the pictures. Multiply the number of pictures you have by 8 and divide by 60
to find out how long your song(s) must be.

Call us if you have more questions