Which format do you have?

Here are most of the ones we support.
(not to scale)

BLU-RAY Disc is here!!! Now all of your videos can be placed on the newest disc technology. The best results come from High Definition video sources, but the older standard definition tapes can be transfered too.

DVD - We record your videos on DVD-R discs, which play in most conventional DVD Players. They will also play in computer DVD drives. You can fit up to 2 hours of video on our single sided 4.7GB disks.


SD Cards and Thumb Drives hold data information. They are very compact and convenient to carry large amounts of data from one device to another. This data could be audio, video or pictures and is becoming the storage method of choice as the TV, computer, smartphone and tablets all start merge.

VHS Tape is the regular tape you put in your VCR at home. We recommend you always use SP mode when recording on VHS to get the best possible quality. It has a higher quality version known as Super VHS that will only play in machines designed to play Super VHS.

VHS-C is a compact version of VHS, that you can easily use in your regular VCR with a special adapter available in most stores. Again we recommend using SP mode for the best quality.

S-VHS-C is a higher quality version that will only play in S-VHS-C cameras and VCRs.

This one is most common in 3 formats, listed from lowest to highest quality - 8mm, Hi-8 & Digital 8. There are no adapters that allow you to use these in a regular VCR and VCRs that play them are often expensive. Here at Albany Edit we can convert them to regular VHS tapes. We recommend - as always - using SP mode for your recordings.

Mini-DV is becoming very popular because of its size and quality. There are no adapters to play it in a regular VCR, but we can convert it to a regular VHS tape. We always recommend SP mode for this one, because after a while pixelization becomes common in LP mode.

HDV is the High Definition version of this format.

Mini-DVCAM is a more professional format that we also support.

DVCAM Full Size is the professional version.

The consumer version known as Betamax went head to head with VHS many years ago but lost. Betamax VCRs are almost impossible to find, but we can convert them to VHS.

BetaSP is a professional format commonly used today at TV stations and for cable broadcast. We can convert to and from this format.

Big BetaSP is just a larger version of Baby BetaSP that comes in longer tape lengths.

3/4" is an older professional tape format still used in a surprising number of production house.

Commonly known as "the old home movie films", they typically came in two types: 8mm and Super 8. They come in different sizes depending on whether they were edited or not, anywhere from 50ft reels to 400ft reels. Transfer them to video tape now before they disintegrate and are gone for ever.